2/23/2008 – Powdah!

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MLK Weekend at Loon

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1/20 – Cold, some fresh. Good day of carving.

1/21 – Alot colder, another solid day of carving. Two excellent days at Loon.

Skiing Over MLK Weekend

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Leaving tomorrow around noon for Lincoln. Bretton Woods or Waterville on Sunday, Loon on Monday. Pics and some text when I get back. S’Posed to be really cold this weekend.

Jackson XC Skiing

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The snow was frozen solid and lacking in a certain “volume”. Oh well. What do you expect after a January thaw. Awesome trip.

Full Trip Report Here.

Full Picture Gallery Here.

Pic Preview:

London Picture Gallery

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by davidhowland14

London Picture #3

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London Picture #2

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London PicĀ #2